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NBRRS User Role Assignment Guide


The Nebraska Budget Request and Reporting System (NBRRS) is a web-based application used by all state agencies, boards, and commissions in the preparation of biennial and mid-biennium budget requests.  The NBRRS requires a Nebraska Directory Services (NDS) User ID and password to access the system.  For more information on the NDS User ID and password process, click here.


Identification of users requiring access is a critical initial step for agencies in the budget request development and submission process.


It is important for agency lead budget personnel to review the access of current users, contact the State Budget Division to delete individuals who should no longer have access, and identify new users and their appropriate role.  In the case of an employee that has separated, please contact your assigned State Budget Division budget analyst immediately so that the User ID can be removed.


The NBRRS allows for a user’s access to specific areas of the system to be limited (i.e. Operations Budget Request (OBR), Capital Construction/Building Renewal (CCBR), Narrative, Budget Modifications, Information Technology (IT)).



Please use the definitions below in determining the appropriate role for each user:


  • Power User (PU) – Ability to access and/or edit all Operations Budget Request, Capital Construction/Building Renewal, Information Technology and Narrative screens in the system including Budget Modifications
  • Agency Administrator (AA) – Power User role with additional ability to access and/or edit user security; serves as the lead contact for the agency relative to the NBRRS; typically reserved for the lead finance person(s) in the agency
  • Operations Only (OBR) – Ability to access and/or edit Operations Budget Request and Narrative screens only, with the exception of Budget Modifications; does not allow access to Budget Modifications or CCBR screens
  • Operations Narrative Only (OBRN) – Ability to access and/or edit Operations Budget Request Narrative screens only; does not allow access to other areas of OBR or to CCBR screens
  • Capital Construction/Building Renewal Only (CCBR) – Ability to access and/or edit Capital Construction/Building Renewal screens only, including CCBR narratives; does not allow access to OBR screens
  • Information Technology Only (IT) – Ability to access and/or edit the NITC’s IT Project Proposal, IT Agency Summary, and IT Issue Request screens only
  • View Only (VO) – Access to all screens but with no editing



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