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2018 Session Mid-Biennium Adjustment Requests


2018 Session Mid-Biennium Budget Adjustments Memo - Gerry Oligmueller
PDF | September 13, 2017


The memo linked above was sent to all agencies, boards, and commissions and agency finance officers to announce the availability of the Nebraska Budget Request and Reporting System (NBRRS) and the 2018 Session Mid-Biennium Budget Adjustment Instructions.  Go to the “Budget Instructions” page using the link on the right of this screen to access instructions in electronic format (PDF).  From there they can be viewed or printed.

Click the "System Login" link to the right to begin preparing 2018 session mid-biennium budget adjustment requests.

Memo Highlights:
  • A deficiency, or deficit, budget adjustment including a request for an increase in appropriation should only be submitted to address the most critical situations that cannot be managed within existing appropriations and other requirements of the enacted appropriation laws.
  • Budget adjustments including a request for reduction in appropriation should be submitted where new information or agency efforts to improve performance have resulted in more efficient and effective delivery of services or benefits at lower cost.
  • The Nebraska Budget Request and Reporting System (NBRRS) will once again be used by agencies to prepare and submit mid-biennium budget adjustment requests for consideration during the 2018 legislative session.  Specifically, the “Issue Details“ screen under the “2018 Mid-Biennium” budget cycle will be used to identify any proposals for additional appropriations or reductions to existing appropriations to address a deficiency.
  • Any identified budget adjustment requests should be submitted with appropriate explanation for consideration by October 24, 2017.
  • All State agency, board, and commission requests will be made available to the public via the State Budget Division’s website at .
  • Contact your assigned Administrative Services-State Budget Division Budget Analyst with the names of any individuals who will have request preparation responsibilities but do not already have access to the NBRRS Issue Details screen.
  • Agencies must also complete the “IT Project Proposal” screen (and related “IT Issue”) and undergo review by the Nebraska Information Technology Commission for requests for funding related to information technology projects.  The deadline for completing entry of the IT Project Proposals for review by the NITC is also no later than October 24, 2017.  Questions regarding submission of project proposals should be directed to Rick Becker of the Office of the CIO at or (402) 471-7984.



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